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The very first thing that makes France remarkable is its Eiffel Tower. Secondly, let us tell you that France has its own prestige when it comes to the cultural value and the government’s effort in leveling up the students worldwide. You know what? If you study in France, you will experience fun and education both taking place at the same time because tourist destinations are situated nearby the study destinations.

Why Study in France?

1. Authoritarian Education: France’s higher education system is considered one of the best education systems in the world. All of this has happened because of the government’s effort to make it better. All the 71 public universities of France are funded by the government. Moreover, if you are into business-related subjects then it can give you satisfaction beyond expectation because France is a pivot for international business and management education and owns a lot of business schools in the worldwide rankings.

2. Comparatively Cheap Study Abroad Destination: When you will study in France, you will realize France’s education is quite reasonable because:

a.    Living costs are inexpensive because the French government subsidizes the cost for international students.

b.    Tuitions are relatively cheaper as compared to other countries like the US.

c.    There are paid internship programs for international students.

d.    Low transportation costs.

e.    The scholarship is available for international students.

3. Multicultural Society: Once you start to study in France, you will find a lot of major nationalities mixed up in the same geographical boundary. Anyway, it will boost your knowledge as you can learn from those people who belong to different parts of the world. In addition to this, you can also network with people who may serve you better in the future.

4. Post Study Visa: Once you finish your studies in France, you will get a post-study visitor visa of 5 years for masters and a Ph.D. So you can stick there in case you shift back to your home country or somewhere else.

5. Jobs: You will find plenty of post-study jobs after you study in France. Wait! That means you can work while doing your masters or Ph.D.

Top 5 Universities to Study in France

Study in France at HEC Paris 

HEC university is also known as Ecole des Hautes which is in Jouy-en-Josas, France. HEC was formed in 1881. Today it offers a master in management, EMBA, MBA programs, Ph.D. program, executive education, and MSc program. HEC has also expanded its online courses in recent years and took a groovy vision, “Tomorrow is Our Business”

Study in France at Cergy-Pontoise University

This is a public French university in the Academy of Versailles that is situated on the west of Paris, Val-d’Oise Department is a must-consider choice when planning to study in France. Cergy-Pontoise is one of the foremost centers of research and teaching that embraces more than 1500 international. Currently, the university is providing all levels of graduate and post-graduate studies. 144 bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees are available in fields like science & technology, languages, literature, social sciences, law, and economy and management.

Study in France at NEOMA Business School

As the name suggests, it’s one of the greatest French business school in France that was established in 2013. It is derived from two former business schools: Reims Management School(1928) and Rouen Business School(1871). The objectives of the school are to lead in the light of innovative leaders having enthusiasm in entrepreneurship. Once you check the data, you will notice a lot of programs in Bachelor and Master in Management. The faculty of the school is organized in six various academic departments that also consist of a language center. It holds a staff of more than 160 professors out of which half of them are international.

Study in France at IESG School of Management

IESEG School of Management was founded in 1964 in Lille, France. This school is a member of the largest private university Catholique de Lille that is concerned with the endowment and population in France. IESESG has two campuses, one is in Paris and the other one is in Lille. Financial Times ranked it 31st worldwide in 2017 because of its efficiency in Master of Management. It had also received three international commendations: AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS. In present, the school has almost 2270 international students.

Study in France at KEDGE Business School 

Another option to consider when planning to study in France is KEDGE Business School. KEDGE was founded in 1874 which is located in Bordeaux, Toulon, Marseille, and Paris. Besides these campuses, it also has two campuses in China(Suzhou and Shanghai). Like NEOMA, it’s also derived from two business schools: BEM(1874) and Euromed(1872). After the merge, it became the largest business school in France. Financial Times has been constantly putting its rank near the top 10 business schools in Europe.


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